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Natural Disasters and Adaptation to Climate Change – A Book Review

Natural Disasters and Adaptation to Climate Change is an edited focusing on how people have responded to natural disasters of many different types.  The book contains four categories based on the location of the disaster event and a fifth section that theorizes human adaptation processes. It is important to note that the book is mostly

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What is a Region? Space?

I am originally from Illinois but have also lived in Wisconsin.  I would consider both of these states to be in the Midwest.  Currently, I live in Oklahoma.  Many people have considered Oklahoma a Midwestern state but to me, that is not the case. The term ‘region’ can take on many meanings but what is

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Cartographic Language

Within the past year I have started traveling abroad.  I went from never flying internationally to visiting Mexico, London, Paris, Iceland and have plans to be in Ireland and Italy in the next month.  Each of these have their own language spoken or differences in spoken English that make communicating with locals difficult.  Spanish, French,

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Fighting With Nature

I grew up in a very small town in central Illinois.  Not much happens there aside from farming and high school athletics.  Generally, I would call the location of where my family choose home to be quite safe.  Sure, we have had a couple bad storms but they are few in numbers.  Less than 10

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Where is Graduate Education Going?

Six months ago was the first time I even imagined continuing my education through graduate studies.  Sure, I knew what graduate school was and had some crazy aspirations as a college freshman but that idea came and went with my meteorology degree that I gave up on.  I am always up for a new adventure

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Midtown – Oklahoma City

“Experiences like these are what quality of life is about.  It has far less to do with how much stuff you own and more to do with how you choose to spend your time.” – Bradley L. Garrett, Explore Everything: Place – Hacking the City.     The Oklahoma City metropolitan area has grown rapidly in recent

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Actor Theories

Have you ever stopped to think about where the water you use is coming from?  How about where the water goes once it enters a drain? The research I am doing for my master’s thesis looks at every variable possible that could affect the Rio Grande River basin.  Many studies have been done to study

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